Thursday, May 6, 2010

ICT- Information and Communication Technology

ICT throws light to achieve new competences and new requirements and get in line with the forth coming new skills of Information and communication technology ,so as to master them in the present world of wide spread of knowledge and the usage of the digital technology across the globe.

Information and communication technology does not only state about the learning and operating a technology, but also involves the point of fact of how to acquire the required skill set in order to get acquainted of the new technology by searching for a required information and proceed further in evaluating the required information.

Attaining the key factor of trusting in any website and other online sources and evaluating the security and dependabilities in the process of gaining knowledge are the prime key points of focus with ICT.

These factors are more important when dealing with educational content in the learning scenarios where one must be capable to estimate the quality and adherance of the provided knowledge and contextualize it.

Educated enough to handle with adverse events and possibility of uncertainities with respect to content, among all users say educators, trainers, students and learners, particular
ICT skills in defending privacy and continuing security are helpful in this respect.

Learning initiatives intent that ICT-enabled long standing educational process
are in relation with one another and also inlined with social policies, maintaining the need in esuring a good and secured education across the globe.

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